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When is it time to replace galvanized piping?

Galvanized piping was often used prior to 1970 as supply and waste piping in home construction. This piping typically has a useful life of about 50 years before it needs to be replaced.

Here is a picture from a recent home inspection showing a section of galvanized piping in the back of a small utility room. This horizontal section of drain piping has reached the end of its useful life, as evident by the external corrosion on the piping and pinhole leak.

Galvanized pipe corrodes from the inside out, often making it difficult to assess the condition of the pipe. Slow drainage in waste piping, and reduced water pressure in supply piping, are indications the galvanized piping could be the issue and needs replacement.

To learn more about galvanized piping, check out these useful articles: and

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