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What Repairs Should You Request From the Seller?

So you've had your home inspection and received the inspection report. You've put together a list of repairs, but aren't sure which items on which to engage the seller. Check out this quick read from ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) about Repair Requests After Your Home Inspection.

You would typically want the seller to address any big ticket items (such as structural and environmental items), but also any safety items (for example, an electrical receptical missing a cover or a loose or missing guardrail). If the seller is offering to perform some repairs, be sure to obtain the receipts so that you know the repairs were performed by qualified contractors. You'll also have the contractor's contact information should you need to follow-up with them in the future.

Often, the seller will offer to pay for the repairs vs actually making the repairs, as this can help facilitate the sale process (no need to delay the home sale while waiting for a slot in the contractor's schedule). Sometimes scheduling the repair yourself is advantageous, as you can pick the qualified contractor you are most comfortable with and ensure they perform the repair to your standards.

Your realtor can often add some good perspective as to what repairs to request from the seller, and which items you can have repaired after you move in to your new home.

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