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NJ Home Inspection Checklist

If you're wondering what your home inspector inspects, read on.

In NJ, your home inspector is licensed and insured, and must follow a strict set of Standards of Practice with each home inspection. These Standards of Practice (SOP) can be found HERE ( ).

Within the SOP document, important definitions are on page 4, and a description of many components and systems that are inspected begins on page 22. Also defined within the SOP are exclusions from home inspections (ie. what your inspector is not required to inspect), and a description of how the inspection is performed (limited, visual, and non-invasive inspection of accessible areas). Each of these is key in understanding the limitations of an inspection.

To help home buyers get a feel for the condition of the home they wish to purchase, we have placed a simplified home inspection checklist on our website that can be used during an initial walk-through of the home. You can view it and download it from our website, HERE ( ). Note that this simplified checklist does not replace the need for a professional home inspection and inspection report, and we urge home buyers to obtain a seller's disclosure to further their understanding of the home's condition.

If you have questions about the Standards, inspection exclusions and limitations, contact your home inspector, or call Detecta Home Inspections and we'll be happy to speak with you.





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