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Home Inspection Checklist

What are some things your home inspector looks for when inspecting a home? Are there issues you may be able to identify when considering placing an offer on a house? This simplified home inspection checklist gives you an idea of some of the systems and components of a home that are inspected by your home inspector. Note that this checklist is not a replacement for a home inspection or home inspection report. Your trained and experienced home inspector evaluates many additional areas of the home, describes in detail what issues they come across, and then makes recommendations based on the severity of the identified deficiency. Recall that a home inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of the accessible portions of the home and that as a visitor in someone elses home, you should only populate this checklist based on what you can see.

Select the pdf icon below to download a copy of the checklist shown below
Checklist Page 1.JPG
Checklist Page 2.JPG
Checklist Page 3.JPG
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