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Common Questions

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual, non-destructive examination of the accessible components and systems of a home. 

The home inspection includes a review of the home's exterior, interior, insulation, roofing system, heating system, A/C system, plumbing, electrical system and structure.

You will receive a report identifying potential issues, and with associated recommendations to resolve those issues. The report helps you understand the condition of the home.

For a separate fee, your home may also be tested for radon.

What is the cost of a typical home inspection?

Most typical single family homes (3-bedroom / 1 bathroom, <1700 sq ft) will cost $500 to inspect. Larger homes will cost more.

A typical 1 or 2 bedroom / 1 bath condo would cost $300 to inspect. Larger condos would cost more.


Please call for a quote specific to your home.

Is there an additional cost for a radon test?

The radon test can be performed stand-alone, or as part of a home inspection. We charge $150 to perform a radon test with a home inspection. (This includes returning to the home to pick up the cannister, transport of the cannister to the laboratory, the laboratory analysis and radon report.)

Will the home inspection identify every issue in the home?

No. Because a home inspection is a visual inspection, not all issues can or will be identified. We can not identify hidden issues (for example, those within walls, behind personal objects or under carpet or insulation). We will report any potential issues with the major components and systems of the house so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase.

What is included in the inspection report?

We use TAP Inspect software for the home inspection report. This allows us to digitally send you the report after the inspection.


For each issue identified during the inspection, the report will describe the issue, explain why it is an issue, and then include a recommendation on how to resolve the issue. Recommendations may include 'monitoring' of conditions, terms such as 'repair', 'replace', or 'upgrade', and for systems requiring specialization and expertise, 'evaluation by a licensed professional'. Recommendations may also be provided with a time horizon of repair, such as 'immediate', 'within a year', etc. Safety concerns should always be addressed immediately.

Do I need to be at the inspection?

We want you to be at the inspection. You don't necessarily need to follow us around, but if we come across an issue or an item requiring regular maintenance, or the location of your water shut off valve, we want to share those with you so you can see them. At the end of the inspection, we review most of our findings with you. There may be some items in the report that we did not discuss during the inspection, but we are available after the report is issued to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

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